A brand strategy is a long-term plan for a brand to achieve specific goals. For a brand strategy to succeed, the business needs to choose the suitable method to follow to achieve its goal. There are different brands strategies types that a company can choose from, including:

Colours influence our emotions, reactions and impressions. Each colour stimulates the brain in its own way and has a particular effect on consumers. Colour psychology is the study that deals with colours and their impact on human behaviour. We are all subconsciously influenced by colours when buying different products.

Has your brand got gorgeous text but it seems to be affecting your business negatively? You may begin to wonder what you've done wrong, only to realise that the text you found amazing is not as impressive as you once thought.

Today's hot question is whether redirecting URLs for content can impact your SEO? Like most queries, there are many factors to consider when determining the consequences. On one hand, search engines may look at these redirected URLs and see them as "duplicate content", which can negatively impact your SEO. However, people clearly do it for a...

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